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Magical Morning to Montenvers, Chamonix

Posted in - France & Travelling Me on May 20th 2016 0 Comments IMG_5241

Having spent a spectacular morning yesterday 3,000 metres dizzily high in the mountains at Aguille Du Midi, and not to mention my mildly embarrassing fainting episode from altitude sickness that has been the centre of all jokes, today was a slow and relaxed kind of day. Every day I spend in Chamonix begins with the thought of …

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The saddest photo I took in Berlin, with a courageous story behind it

Posted in - Europe & Germany on December 24th 2015 0 Comments German-Resistance-Memorial-and-Museum

The saddest photo I took in Berlin was this photo, of a courtyard. Really, a quaint looking cobblestone courtyard you may ask? It’s the story of tragedy and courage that gives me that ‘lump in the throat feeling’……

During the World Wars, WWII more specifically, the building around the courtyard ‘Bendlerblock’, was used by the military …

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Cycling and Canals in Amsterdam

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on February 21st 2015 0 Comments Amsterdam-City-Canal-boat

When asked what Amsterdam was like to visit, I respond with a singular word, ‘pretty’. All stories from the red light district aside, there is something enchanting about the century old canals, the clutter of bicycles, narrow wonky houses and pot plant covered houseboats. Following a few days in Amsterdam, we traveled to Rotterdam to board the ferry bound for the …

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Aiguille du Midi + Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Posted in - Europe & Featured & France on September 27th 2013 0 Comments Aiguille-du-midi

Two young men, Michel-Gabriel Paccard & Jaques Balmat were the first to successfully reach the summit of Mont Blanc in 1786 and ever since mountaineers strive to transcend the mountain 4,810 metres above sea level in an environment where extreme climate conditions prevail. This morning we were taking two cable cars from the French town of …

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La Tour Eiffel

Posted in - France & Travelling Me on June 15th 2011 0 Comments eiffel-4

Our experience of La Tour Eiffel was not exactly what I was expecting. We visited it twice during our stay in Paris. The first was during the day where we were followed by hagglers trying to sell us china knock offs and scammers in the form of so called ‘deaf girls’. Oh and the French army …

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Waffles in Amsterdam

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on March 15th 2011 4 Comments waffles

Amsterdam is the city of treating yourself in every way imaginable…..

Scooting around Dam Square we found this bustling place and stopped by to eat some waffles and dutch Poffertjes, on holidays in Amsterdam we had the time to leisurely explore the city and try out new places. Metropolitan Deli is an all in one dessert …

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Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers at Gendarmenmarkt

Posted in - Chocolate & Europe & Germany on March 5th 2011 2 Comments Berlin

Having spent a day largely exploring the confronting history side of Berlin, we stopped by a local chocolatier to indulge in a much sweeter side.  Any Chocolate lover, who happens to be in the city of Berlin should not miss the opportunity to visit the Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatier. Let me repeat this …

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