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The other day I stumbled across the Perth Cafe Cafe branch walking along the west end of Hay Street. The cafe is located under the Ellement 996 apartment complex. Cafe Cafe in Subiaco is a popular haunt for the locals and the convenient location across from the Subiaco train station and Woolworths supermarket draws in visitors passing by as well. I used to order my meeting catering quite a bit and love the turkey, Camembert and cranberry sandwiches.

Smaller in size than the Subiaco branch the Perth cafe offers inside dining and big red booth seats in the alfresco area (under cover from the weather). Cafe Cafe offers free wireless internet to diners. Whenever I think of Cafe Cafe, I think fully stocked with food. There is a menu to order from, cakes and slices on the counter, sausage rolls and sandwiches already made up.

 Avocado on Toast ($9.50)


The avocado on toast was served with sliced avocado, tomato and feta cheese. My choice of bread was white.  For a snack on the go it was delicious and very light to eat. It would have been nice to receive more avocado though but that is coming from someone that consumes one avocado a day!

The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (BLT) was toasted and served with a side of aioli sauce and chips. The BLT didn’t really stand out as something we would order again. The addition of the chips definitely adds value to the meal.

The BLT ($14.00)


Cafe Cafe use the Italian brand Illy Coffee. Illy beans make a smooth coffee, even in a long macchiato where there is not as much milk as the cappuccino.  The long macchiato was perfect, temperature hot and strong, a nice aroma. I would definitely return for the coffee again.

Long macchiato


The service was attentive and spot on, our meals and coffee came out fairly quickly. The opening hours of 6:00am to 5:00pm are fantastic and handy if you are seeking a late afternoon coffee in the area where most cafes close in the early afternoon.

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