Brioche and coffee from Il Lido

I love summer mornings by the beach. It’s the encouraging start to the morning that helps kick start a difficult day ahead. Sitting at a cafe sipping on coffee by the ocean, followed by a walk on the cool sand or vice versa is definately the more relaxed start we all need every now and then.  And, with the abundances of pristine beaches in Perth, it’s never hard to find a cafe nearby. The Italian espresso bar, Il Lido Italian Canteen is situated across the road from Cottesloe Beach.

I’ve mentioned in my last visit, the coffee beans are sourced from local roaster Mano a Mano. Small batches are roasted inside Gordon Street Garage in West Perth, a popular haunt for coffee in the CBD. Good beans combined with a good barista makes for an exceptional coffee. The long macchiato arrived to our table with a nicely defined latte art etched into the crema and milk foam. A small business card told us what type of blend the coffee was  – marzipan, honey and biscotti. The coffee was temperature hot and it was smooth to drink, yet also nicely strong in caffeine.

The long black contained a nice thick crema and it was super strong. One of the better long blacks I have had in Perth to date.

The plain brioche was served with a small tub of butter and jam. It was soft and fluffy with a lovely buttery taste, there was no real need to apply any butter. It was decidedly delicious smearing sweet jam onto pieces torn off by hand and it went well with the coffee.

There are many variations of the brioche, it’s part cake and part bread. I made my first brioche for the secret cake club meet in August last year and have a great appreciation for the sweet yeasted dough because of the fact that it took a lot of effort and time.  A true brioche is given time to rise before its baked in the oven, yeast is what gives it the rise. Many but not all bakeries, particularly those that commercially output large quantities, use modern methods and artificial risers to give the same result. Regardless, the brioche at Il Lido was yummy!

Early morning at Cottesloe beach


Brioche with Jam


Long Black


Toast and preserves


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