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Hiking a 4WD track outside Karratha

Posted in - Hiking & Walking & North West & Pilbara on September 30th 2017 7 Comments Hike-Hearson-Karratha

In the vicinity of Karratha there seems to be many more four wheel drive (4WD) tracks than hiking trails, understandably so when taking into consideration the vast distances between locations in the Northwest of Western Australia, as well as, a lengthy summer that prevents most hiking activities. With Murujuga National Park within close proximity we made some …

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Things to do in Karratha during Winter

Posted in - North West & Pilbara & western australia on August 11th 2017 1 Comments Desert-stuart-pea-Karratha

Karratha’s unsung surroundings offers a chance to discover the sprawling Pilbara region with all the modern conveniences close by. A town developed on the back of a strong resources industry, some 1,550kms north of Perth, might not be the regular tourism destination, however the town does present an opportunity to venture to less journeyed places where you might find yourself with …

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Moving to a new town, in regional WA

Posted in - North West & Pilbara on June 18th 2017 0 Comments Joffree us

As the week draws to an end it’s also an important milestone for us, being six months living in the Pilbara.  A first adventure. A defining experience and I share some thoughts in this post about uprooting and venturing into the temporary space of unknown.

It hasn’t exactly been all peaches and cream and while the chaos …

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Joffre Gorge, Karijini National Park

Posted in - Hiking & Walking & North West & Pilbara on May 21st 2017 0 Comments Trail-into-joffre

Karijini National Park would have to be the most remote national park we’ve visited thus far,  627,422 hectares of landscape in the semi arid Pilbara region. From one gorge to the next, we spend the good part of one afternoon scrambling down and up rocks and swimming in a cold pool at Joffre Gorge.

From Dales campground we take a sealed …

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Dales Gorge Walk, Karijini National Park

Posted in - Hiking & Walking & North West & Pilbara & Travelling Me & western australia on April 29th 2017 0 Comments Dales Karijini

Following an impressive hike of Mount Bruce, second tallest peak in Western Australia, the following day was spent down in the gorges in Karijini National Park, the second largest national park in Western Australia.  Unmarked by industry and a horizon of ancient landscape made up of stunning colours, we consider Karijini to be a special escape because you …

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Hiking Mount Bruce in Karijini National Park

Posted in - Hiking & Walking & North West & Pilbara & western australia on April 17th 2017 0 Comments Mount Bruce

Mount Bruce is located in the Pilbara region within Karijini National Park. Being Western Australia’s second tallest peak, our walk is set to be an adventurous and challenging one as we scale to 1,234 metres above sea level.

The trail is classified into 3 categories beginning with Class 2, then into 3 before the serious climb along class 5 …

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