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Wedding Rehearsal Afternoon, Koh Samui

Posted in - Thailand & Travelling Me on June 21st 2014 0 Comments me

Good friends of mine were getting married on a tropical island in Thailand and I volunteered myself to the task of organising the wedding rehearsal event. Socialise being the underlining word here. Everyone was travelling from different parts of the world and meeting for the first time. Whatever the idea, it had to negate any awkwardness before …

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Coffee at Koh Samui Airport

Posted in - Thailand & Travelling Me on May 30th 2012 2 Comments Koh-Samui-Airport

Ending our wonderful holiday on the small tropical island of Koh Samui  and just off the Gulf of Thailand, we found ourselves at the airport en route to Singapore. The airport is definitely a one of a kind and I never thought I would be referring to an airport as a beautiful place to be.

The airport is …

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