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Scootering along the footpath in Amsterdam!

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on March 5th 2016 0 Comments iamsterdam photo

Disney movies and Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs has stirred a bit of a fascination with ancient castles, and there are plenty of them in Europe, so much so, one could easily plan a long holiday based solely around visiting each and everyone. Castle Muiderslot is 15 km or so from Amsterdam and a spur of the …

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Cycling and Canals in Amsterdam

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on February 21st 2015 0 Comments Amsterdam-City-Canal-boat

When asked what Amsterdam was like to visit, I respond with a singular word, ‘pretty’. All stories from the red light district aside, there is something enchanting about the century old canals, the clutter of bicycles, narrow wonky houses and pot plant covered houseboats. Following a few days in Amsterdam, we traveled to Rotterdam to board the ferry bound for the …

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Amsterdam to London via rail + ferry

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on June 15th 2013 2 Comments IMG_5900


With the end of our European trip approaching we needed to be back in London to commence the long  and rather arduous journey to Perth, Western Australia. There was one slight snag and that being airfare and train tickets from Amsterdam were quite pricey and no last minute travel deals were …

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Waffles in Amsterdam

Posted in - Netherlands & Travelling Me on March 15th 2011 4 Comments waffles

Amsterdam is the city of treating yourself in every way imaginable…..

Scooting around Dam Square we found this bustling place and stopped by to eat some waffles and dutch Poffertjes, on holidays in Amsterdam we had the time to leisurely explore the city and try out new places. Metropolitan Deli is an all in one dessert …

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