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Berlin History Sightseeing

Posted in - Germany & Travelling Me on August 18th 2016 0 Comments Statue

There are three things I distinctly remember about our travels through Berlin- beer, bratwurst and history.

Berlin experienced some heavy historical events during the World Wars and the strongest message I learnt from wandering between memorials in the German capital is no one wins in war times. And those that become threatened by intelligence of others are …

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The saddest photo I took in Berlin, with a courageous story behind it

Posted in - Europe & Germany on December 24th 2015 0 Comments German-Resistance-Memorial-and-Museum

The saddest photo I took in Berlin was this photo, of a courtyard. Really, a quaint looking cobblestone courtyard you may ask? It’s the story of tragedy and courage that gives me that ‘lump in the throat feeling’……

During the World Wars, WWII more specifically, the building around the courtyard ‘Bendlerblock’, was used by the military …

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A-Z Guidebook – Brandenburg Gate

Posted in - Europe & Germany & Travelling Me on July 16th 2015 6 Comments Brandenburg-Gate

In between exploring the colourful café scene and drinking 1 euro beer with our bratwurst for breakfast in the public square, we traced through a bit of history around Germany’s capital city, Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th century neoclassical piece of architecture. The tremendous structure towers over Unter den Linden Boulevard, having withstood time …

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Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers at Gendarmenmarkt

Posted in - Chocolate & Europe & Germany on March 5th 2011 2 Comments Berlin

Having spent a day largely exploring the confronting history side of Berlin, we stopped by a local chocolatier to indulge in a much sweeter side.  Any Chocolate lover, who happens to be in the city of Berlin should not miss the opportunity to visit the Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatier. Let me repeat this …

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