Urban Cycle to North Mole in Fremantle

Posted in - Budget Travel Australia & Cycle Friendly Cafes & Food and Drink Perth & Microadventure Perth & Perth Cafes & Perth, Australia on June 24th 2016 North-mole-bike-path

Welcome to a perfect winter’s day in Perth! Taking advantage of some superb weather conditions over the weekend we set out on a relaxed paced pedal along the coast. This circular route starts at Claremont Train Station to North Mole in Fremantle. Alternatively a good starting point is Lake Espresso Cafe because there’s plenty of parking …

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Simple Cinnamon Stewed Apple Recipe

Posted in - Healthy life & Recipes on June 16th 2016 Stewed-Apples

In for a day of stormy weather we decided to visit the beach in our wet weather gear for a short walk, I love seeing the storm stir up the ocean. We spotted a guy at the end of the jetty attempting to snap selfies of waves crashing over, on and around him, good thing he …

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Breakfast topping: Roasted Plums

Posted in - kitchen @ Home & Recipes on June 4th 2016 Roast-Plums

What’s your favourite part of the day?

Personally I fancy the morning, which has not always been the case but it seems when I hit my thirties, life shifted and I comfortably and rather unknowingly slotted into the enjoyment of a morning routine. Over time I’ve built on this routine, swapping up and experimenting with breakfast …

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Lightweight Camping Gear

Posted in - Camping & Products I like & western australia on June 4th 2016 Camping-preparation

Camping is a load of fun and it’s more or less a cheaper way to travel close to home, or far from home.  In Australia, we are fortunate to have a range of camping specific stores, like BCF, Ray’s Outdoors, Kathmandu, Mountain Designs, and the list goes on.

Browsing around for gear for the Munda Biddi trip …

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Evening feast of many at Asado

Posted in - Food and Drink Perth on June 4th 2016 Veal-tongue

South American street food sounded like a superb way to begin the boy’s birthday weekend.  Add a parilla BBQ and we could possibly be set for a feast of many at Asado.

On a Thursday night the streets in Claremont appear to be empty and we conclude it’s going to be quiet one as we short cut walk through …

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