Mundaring MTB trails to Lake Leschenaultia


Easing our way into a summer of riding, we embarked on a fun cycle to Lake Leschenaultia using the mountain bike trail network from Mundaring.

Lake Leschenaultia is a man made lake set in native West Australian bush land with camping and recreational facilities. Interestingly the lake was built in 1897 as a dam called Chidlows …

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Kid’s Australian Book Gift Guide


Looking for gift for the kids? We have some wonderful book ideas in this post from learning about the magic secrets of the West Australian Tuart Tree to a Kangaroo opening up a Cancan Cafe! These books are sure to inspire and excite through pictures of Australian landscape and wildlife.

A Year on Our Farm

Illustrated in …

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Exploring the Benefits of Sauna Sessions

spa-slider-2000x1072-sauna-steam-lounge (1)

In this fast moving world of blurred health truths, calorie counting, slim is healthy, strong is a better healthy, medical research politics and pseudo health busters, I am going to ask a simple yes or no question – Do you sweat regularly? Yes, I genuinely want to learn if you have a good sweat! Because …

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The Otherside Cafe, Swanbourne


Located om Railway Street along the Fremantle train line and bicycle path, The Otherside Cafe is often a place we stop through on the morning cycle to Fremantle. More specifically it’s located on the other side of Swanbourne train station and accessible via the small Claremont Crescent bridge.

A tiny cafe but certainly a great one for coffee, …

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Trail Mix Ball Recipe


Thanks to Derek I am posting up this delicious tasty snack recipe to share with you all. Inspired by the raw balls we have with coffee at the local café, this recipe contains a nice little spread of wholesome ingredients for a quick boost of energy.

Not quite a raw ball because we’ve roasted the hazelnuts …

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5 Awesome Kickstarter Children’s Books


Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for creatives and inventors to launch their special project. The creator sets a budget and backers purchase rewards which is normally the product or other promotional pieces of the project. If the budget is met via backers, the project goes ahead to completion and delivery.

For the creator it’s …

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Star Swamp Reserve, Western Australia


Escaping a weekend overthrown by some repetitive and boring book keeping, we hopped in the car late on Sunday afternoon for a drive along the ocean coast to Star Swamp Reserve.

Located in the northern suburbs of North Beach and Watermans Bay, the reserve of close to 100 acres was sectioned off many years ago and …

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Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails- West Australia


There is loads of  quality riding options along the Kalamunda Mountain bike trails and having cycled the green trails, the next stage of progression is the blue graded ones. This also means access to a larger number of trails in the area and an opportunity to ride deeper in the forest as well as a few runs …

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